BlueCup-Series ❯

In our BlueCup section you will find cupping devices with up to date technology. With you can apply all sorts of different cupping therapies ranging from conventional cupping to Pulsating Cupping Therapy, with help of modern control technology.

Cupping Glasses ❯

Here we provide cupping glasses with various different diameter and material properties, from classical stiff glasses to elastic knee joint cupping glasses made of silicon.

Mats ❯

Our own developed ergonomic mats promise a continous and pleasent application of Pulsating Cupping Therapy on large or arbirtarily shaped areas to be treated, for example back or calf muscles.

Hose System ❯

The hose system contains adapters to connect different cupping glasses, such that only one of our BlueCup devices can apply Pulsating Cupping Therapy to different areas at once. Furthermore you find filters and clamps to adjust your cupping set to your prefered therapy style.

Accessories ❯

This section offers different accessories ranging from learning material to transport cases for mobile applications.