Classical cupping - the first part:

Classical cupping is one of the most ancient therapy forms known to human mankind. It aims at supporting, speedign up and reactivating bodily functions. This may be implemented, by applying a specific cavity on certain skin areas filled with vacuum. Latter affects relaxation of skin and muscles. Furthermore the treated tissue gets a better supply of blood and nutrients. Thats why classical cupping excels at having minor side and direct pain-relieving effects.

Lymph drainge - the second part:

Lymph vessels are the most important transportsystem the human body has, besides blood vessels. Former differs from the blood circulation having a central drive, namely the heart. However the lymph system transports nurtients as well as waste materials between cells and lymph nodes, thereby leading to dispose of pathogens, bacteria and foreign objects.
With soft vacuum pulses the lymph flux gets stimulated and complaints, such as lymphoedema, can be removed.

Pulsating Cupping Therapy - the third part:

Pulsating Cupping Therapy acts as a combination of classical cupping, massage and lymph drainage. This gets put into practice by applying a static vacuum with harmonic pusles superimposed. Thereby the oscillation period, intensity and static vacuum can be varied, dependant on tissue properties and therapy forms. Correct application leads to a pleasent effect similar to a classical massage. Moreover this technique enables the therapist to get into deep tissue layers, relieving blockades and enhancing nutrient supply. Possible applications range from arthrosis and circulatory disturbances to muscular stiffness, treatment of scars and fasciae.