Cupping Glas

Joint Cupping Glas

  • High flexibility
  • Enhancement of joint lubrication
  • Gentle massage of joints
  • Stimulation of cell activity
  • 12cm diameter
  • Ergonomic shaped edge

This joint cupping glas can be applied at knees, hips and shoulders, due to its high flexibility. Especially joints recover slowly. With every athritis it's most important to move and stretch affected joints regularly to prevent stiffening. Cupping improves the joint lubrication and massages it using varying pulses. Cartilage tissue gets supplied with ne nutrients which means: stimulation of cell activity and reduction of blockades. A study conductet with this specific cupping glas can be found here. An ergonomically shaped edge adapts perfectly to the treated tissue.

Tissue Cupping Glas

  • 10cm diameter
  • Stable
  • Large area

The tissue cupping glas is specifically suitable for large area applications, for example the back. The great edge contact area prevents pressure marks within the soft tissue, which is felt comfortable by patients with chronical back pain. This cupping glas was used to conduct a study on lumbar vertebra, which can be found here.

Finger Joint Cupping Glas

  • Enhancement of joint lubrication
  • Improved nutrient supply
  • 2cm diameter

Due to the small size of this elastic finger joing cupping glas, suitable regions can be cupped. Pulsating Cupping Therapy is able to have a preventing effect, when dealing with finger arthritis because of improved circulation and enhanced nutrient supply. Its proven its capabilities especially on carpal tunnel syndrome and rhizarthrosis.

Conventional Cupping Glas

  • Various areas of application
  • Enhanced nutrient supply
  • Available with 2,5cm, 3,5cm, 4,5cm and 6,5cm diameter (from left to right)

Conventional cupping glasses are obviously compatble with the BlueCup series and offer the usual variaty of application on the whole body. Since the treatment reaches from subtle scars in the face to large area muscle stiffness, we provide a broad spectrum of sizes.

Synthetic Cupping Glas

  • Various areas of application
  • Enhanced nutrient supply
  • Available with 6cm, 4,5cm, 3,5cm, 2,5cm diameter

By the use of various different cupping glasses, the area of application of cupping therpay can be extended drastically. Due to elastic properties of the synthetic material, it offers a pleasent feeling while being treated with pulsation. Three minutes heat-treated in boiling water, these cups offer the opportunity to be applied on non-conventional areas, due to their high elasticity.

Sepcial Cupping Glas

  • Speed up of metabolism
  • Support of lymphatic system
  • Scar treatment

After a surgery or other severe interventions for example removal of the breast after a tumour, the metabolism gets strongly strained during healing. Therefore a lymph drainage might enhance circulation and motor functions of the lymphatic system, as well as a relaxation of deep connective tissue. This in turn may lead to relief of tissue, pain reduction and support of healing processes through speed up of metabolism.

Massage cupping glas

  • Intensive in depth effects through pulsation
  • Long massages are possible due to ergonomic handle

This cupping vessel is specifically suitable for cupping massages along legs or back. To treat large and small body areas equally well, two different versions are available. Through intensive in depths effects of pulsating vacuum, natural lymph circulation can be enhanced and supported to strengthen tissue long-lasting. Issues, e.g. cellulite can be treated. Due to the ergonomic handle, its very pleasent for the therapists when applying long massages on patients.