Cupping Devices

BlueCup Pro

  • Unification of tradition and modern technology
  • Various forms of therapy
  • Three-stages pulsation
  • Audited by current legal requirements for medical devices

BlueCup Pro unites traditional, proven complementary medicine and modern technology. Whereas all classical application of cupping therapy can be used with the BlueCup Pro without fire or rubber balls, whole new possibilites open up. Now, the therapist can adjust vacuum from 0mBar to 600mBar continuously with help of control technology. More In addition he can superimpose harmonic pulses on demand (see our animation). Latter can be adjusted as well. With units of 3, 30 and 300 pulses per minute, static therapy forms with extreme in depth effects are as easy as dynamical cupping massages covering large skin areas. Our own hose system enables you to customize your prefered cupping devices as well as adjusting the vacuum. Fourfold cupping glasses, as well as knee joint cupping glasses can be operational within no time. Despite the high power and versatility, efficient and modern technology allow a compact and low-weight design for mobile applications or transport.
With a weight of 1,25kg and dimensions 20cm x 13cm x 16cm, BlueCup Pro can be stored within our cases, still having space for additional accessories. It is self-evident that BlueCup Pro, as all other HeVaTech products, is audited by state of the art standars, which guarantees a safe and comfortable work environment in your practice. Less

BlueCup Home

  • Therapy of arthritis and muscle strain
  • Flexible home users version
  • Compact and cost-efficient
  • Easy handling

BlueCup Home was developed as a more compact version of BlueCup Pro, especially for home user. To this end the eey aspect of was on a simple handling and handiness. More Therapies with BlueCup Home focuses on arthritis, as succesfully and with great results conducted by Charité Berlin (see more in our studies section). With its operation modes, vacuum adjustable from 100mBar to 400mBar, pulse fixed (50%) and time period (2s), BlueCup Home can be applied beyond described indications of the mentioned study. Less