About Us


The foundation of HeVaTech has its roots in a very tragic event. Due to a motorcycle accident, the left forefoot of Sigmar Hengge, at the time 19 years old, had to be amputated. Ever since Mr. Hengge has to carry a prosthesis, leading to further problems, e.g.

In 2003 he came across cupping therapy. However the existing technologies had been unsuitable for this specific problem, thus the experienced system- and deviceengineer designed a new cupping device in addition to a proper cupping glas, whereby even pushing state of the art standards. As a result the PRV02 was born, which can be found in our BlueCup series.


Our productes are audited by current medical guidelines for medical devices. Certified quality management system ensures you a safe and reliable application of our products.

  • Medical Guidelines (German)
  • Quality Management System (German)