4-slot Lymphmat

  • Flexibly applicable (e.g. head)
  • Deliberate activation of lymph

As a response to positive therapist feedback, we have designed the 4-slot lymph mat to also enable pulsating cupping therapy on hard-to-reach areas. Through a size of 10,5cm x 3,5cm one can even treat along the Achilles tendon or single lymph nodes.

Neck mat

  • Recess at the spine
  • Relief of migraine headache and muscle stiffness
  • Treatment of pulmonary problems of kids

This product, with dimensions of 11cm x 15cm, thus the smallest of our three mats, is especially designed to cover small areas. With its shape, it's specially aiming at application at the neck, where it reliefs migraine headaches and muscle stiffness. The recess at the spline enables a therapy without further straining the spline, which is important when treating kids and youths.

Lymph mat

  • Stimulation of lymphatic system of medium sized body areas (forearm, calf, ...)
  • Enhanced nutrient supply of strained muscles

This mat, which is 10cm x 16cm in size, is optimally used for medium sized body areas like forearms, calfs, inner thigh, as well as back and stomach. Specifical lymphs can be activated or strained muscles can get an enhanced nutrient supply.


  • Treatment of pulmonal issues
  • Relief of chronical back pain
  • Relaxation of strained, large muscles

The stomach, leg and back mat is the largest one, with a size of 16cm x 20cm. Thus it may be applied to large and flat body areas like stomach, legs and back.